Land Use Code: Art. 2 Div. 9


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2.9.1 OPEN SPACE (OS) ZONE. Purpose. The purpose of the Open Space (OS) zone is to designate both public and private open space resources, in order to:

  • Preserve significant natural resources and open spaces, such as areas of undisturbed native vegetation, major rock outcrops, major ridges and peaks, riparian habitats, and valuable vegetated wash segments.
  • Promote restoration of open space to provide visual, recreational, and habitat amenities.
  • Preserve vestiges of the natural desert landscape and provide opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, and more passive recreation in a natural setting.
  • Contribute to the preservation of wildlife habitat, especially interconnected areas which foster the free movement of wildlife, within the city.
  • Promote a continued economic benefit to the region by protecting open space areas for the visual and recreational enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.
  • Provide a mechanism for recognizing and protecting public and private lands that have been designated for preservation by the property owner. Applicability. The Open Space (OS) zone may be applied to both public and private lands that warrant protection as open space. The OS zone may be applied to land only with the express written consent of the property owner(s). (Ord. No. 9374, §1, 4/10/00)

A. Dedications and Donations. The Open Space (OS) zone may be applied by the City to land that is preserved by acquisition, an easement, or dedication, and/or donation to the City or other entity, for the purpose of keeping the land as permanent natural open space.

B. Fee Waiver. Fees for a rezoning application to the Open Space (OS) zone are waived. (Ord. No. 9374, §1, 4/10/00) Permitted Land Uses. The following Land Use Classes are principal Permitted Land Uses within this zone, subject to compliance with the development and compatibility criteria listed for the Development Designator indicated and to any additional conditions listed for each use. The number or letter in quotation marks following the Land Use Class refers to the Development Designator provisions of Sec. 3.2.3.

A. Recreation Use Group, Sec. 6.3.7

1. Open Space "4" General Restrictions. The following restrictions apply to all land uses and development in this zone.

A. Unpaved or paved trails or paths are permitted for use only by pedestrians, nonmotorized bicycles, and horses. Limited access is permitted for maintenance vehicles only. Use by all-terrain vehicles is prohibited.

B. Picnic areas, sitting areas, equestrian trail nodes, scenic lookouts, shade structures, and rest rooms are permitted, subject to minimal disturbance of the natural open space. Grills in the picnic areas and overnight camping are not allowed, unless located in an area that fire vehicles can access without impact on the natural open space.

C. Access driveways and parking areas are permitted in conjunction with uses in Sec. and .B, subject to minimal disturbance of the natural open space.

D. Drainageway facilities and utility easements must be revegetated to be consistent with the surrounding natural vegetation.

E. All new utilities must be underground. Open Space Requirements.

A. The disturbed area shall be clearly identified and the balance of the property protected during construction. All impervious surfaces, buildings, utility or drainage corridors, and structures shall be contained within the disturbed area identified on the approved site plan.

B. Whenever a portion of the property is disturbed by the construction of a permitted use or has been cleared of vegetation, the disturbed area shall be revegetated in conformance with an approved revegetation plan, using plants native to the site and the immediately surrounding area. Revegetation shall be at a similar density to the natural surroundings.

C. The minimum width of property zoned OS shall be forty (40) feet, and the minimum contiguous area for OS is four thousand (4,000) square feet, unless the OS property connects to another perpetual, dedicated open space or trails resource.

(Ord. No. 9102, §1, 8/3/98)